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A reaver raiding party (Bloodmoon)

Reaver is a term used by the Nords of Solstheim to refer to out-islanders, people who inhabit the Sea of Ghosts and raid the northern coasts of Tamriel. These raiders spend most of their time at sea and generally target one-hut settlements and hunting camps, dropping off small raiding parties rather than beaching their ships for fear that their vessels would be stolen or burned.[1]

Reavers were a common sight on Solstheim both before and after the events of the Red Year.[2][3] Many of the Reavers are Dunmer in origin.[4]:186



  • The term "reaver" is used in other contexts as well. It usually refers to berserkers or individuals who have gone feral.[5][6][7][8]
  • Not all Nordic Reavers confined their activities to the northern islands. Certain tales recount the exploits of reavers like Ulgar Stonebeard, who opted to plunder the Reach instead.[9]

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