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Lore:Lunar Forge

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The Lunar Forge
Type Forge
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Whiterun
Appears in Skyrim
The Lunar Forge circa 4E 201

The Lunar Forge is a forge with special properties built on top of the Silent Moons Camp, a Nordic ruin located northwest of Whiterun.[1][2]

Little is known of the history of the forge or the ruins. The forge was set up on top of the ruin, at some point after the ruined buildings were constructed. It was set up in close proximity to moonstone and gold ore veins.[1][2] As of 4E 201, Silent Moons Camp served as a hideout for bandits,[1] who conspired against Jarl Balgruuf the Greater and planned his assassination.[3][4][5] They were stopped by the Last Dragonborn, who killed the assassin and claimed their Bow of Shadows.[5][6]

Although the weapons crafted in the Lunar Forge were made from mundane metals, they possessed unique properties. Those weapons were known as the Lunar Weapons. Although they were not enchanted through the traditional means, they possessed innate magical abilities likened to an enchantment. Though those powers were connected to the appearance of the moons in the sky, their secret remained elusive. Some sources claimed that Lunar Weapons possess a "vampire-like" ability to drain a small amount of health from the victim to the wielder,[2] but those weapons were in fact known for their light-based powers, which burned those struck by them. Those powers worked only when the moons were seen in the night sky.[7][8]



  • There are numerous special crafting stations scattered across Tamriel, known to provide unique effects to weapons, armor, and jewelry created in such places.[9][10][11] The creative skill of the smiths who have worked these forges has imbued the sites with the divine spark of creativity, transforming the local reality such that items crafted there possess certain unique attributes.[12] Arcane power lingers in some of those areas.[13] The Lunar Forge may be one of such places.

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