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Home City Alinor
Location Riverside Market
Race High Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Felarian is a High Elf and master jeweler residing in Alinor. You'll find him standing under a tree across from Starlight Sundries, just outside the Plaza of the Hand.

He will train you in order for you to obtain your jewelry crafting certification.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Outside the Plaza of the Hand you'll find a charismatic elf in purple who will flatter you and encourage you to join the jewelry crafting craze:

"I see something within you. A glistening jewel, ready to be polished. A passion teeming with brilliance, though not yet realized.
Tell me, do you wish to be certified in jewelry crafting?"
Tell me more about jewelry crafting certification.
"A certification will allow you to fulfill jewelry crafting writs. But first, you must demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals.
Create for me a simple ring. Yes, that task will be suitable to show me your craft."
I want to be certified for jewelry crafting. I'll create a ring.
"Let's get started, shall we? After all, a good polish takes time.
First, you must gather the required materials needed to create your ring. A true artisan starts from scratch, after all."
If your Jewelry Crafting skill is lower than 10:
If your Jewelry Crafting skill is high enough:
What materials do I need?
"Pewter dust, of course! It's an important component of jewelry crafting. You'll always want to have some on hand, should you wish to take up this most noble craft."
I already know the basics of crafting jewelry.
"Oh? Yes, how didn't I sense it before! A true craftsmen stands before me. There's no need for you to create a simple ring to show me that.
In fact, I don't believe any demonstration of your skills will be necessary."
So I'm ready to be certified?
"Yes, given your experience with the craft, that seems to be in order.
I am pleased to officially certify you in the art of jewelry crafting. You are free to fulfill any writs you may find at your leisure."
-This will complete the quest-
If you don't have enough pewter dust:
If you already have enough pewter dust:
If you already had enough pewter dust and pewter ounces:
Where can I find pewter dust?
"There should be a suitable supply of pewter dust just beyond the periphery of town. If there is insufficient dust available there, then I am afraid you must venture further into the wilds for your materials."
I'll return with the dust.
"I shall await your return here. Come speak with me when you have the required pewter dust."

Once you've found enough pewter dust:

"Have you the sufficient pewter dust?"
This should be enough.
"Excellent work. Even now, I see a hint of the gem you shall surely become.
Now that you have the necessary materials, it's finally time to craft. The first step is to refine your pewter dust into ounces."
How do I refine this dust?
I already have enough pewter dust.
"Ah, so you've come prepared! Excellent.
Take the dust to a jewelry crafting station. There you can begin the delicate process of refining the dust into pewter ounces. After you've completed the task, return to me at once."
Then I'll refine this pewter dust.
I already have enough pewter dust.
"Ah, so you've come prepared! Excellent.
Take the dust to a jewelry crafting station. There you can begin the delicate process of refining the dust into pewter ounces. After you've completed the task, return to me at once."
Actually, I already have some pewter ounces. What should I do with them?
"Impressive! Not many have such foresight.
Take the pewter ounces to a jewelry crafting station and craft a ring. It should only require a few ounces to create."
I'll go craft the ring.
"Pewter dust can be refined into ounces at any jewelry crafting station.
Once you have refined the dust, return to me for your next step. You'll need several ounces if you wish to create a ring."
What if I don't have enough pewter dust? Where do I find more?
"Like many other crafting materials, you'll find pewter dust within the wilderness. Try searching within the outskirts of the city. I happen to know there's a rich vein nearby."
Are there other ways of getting pewter ounces? / Is there a way to buy dust instead?
"I've heard tell of guild stores often selling the material, if you are part of a guild. You can also look to your companions, who may barter such supplies."

If you talk to him again before refining:

"Take your pewter dust to any jewelry station. There, it can be refined into the ounces you require."

Once you've refined the pewter dust:

"Though it may appear menial in nature, refining dust into ounces is a foundational and essential exercise for all practitioners of the art of jewelry crafting.
From the raw means of nature, beauty is wrought."
I have pewter ounces. What now?
"Now that you have the material, it's time to see your craft come into being! Oh, I positively cannot wait to see what you create.
Now, go back to the jewelry crafting station and create your ring!"

If you speak to him before crafting, he'll add:

"Unlike other crafts, you will need no style materials for this task. Simply take your pewter ounces to a jewelry crafting station and create one.
Craft your ring and bring it back to me."

Once you've crafted the ring:

"Well? Do you have a ring to show me?"
I have a ring. Does that mean I'm certified?
"Not yet. We have so far only spoken in terms of creation, but the act of deconstruction is also an essential skill of any artisan.
Go to the jewelry crafting station and deconstruct your ring. Or any other item of jewelry, should you prefer."
Why would I deconstruct something? / So why would I deconstruct something?
"Deconstruction allows you to recover some amount of materials from the piece of jewelry you select. It also exposes you to the methods and practices of your peers. Deconstruct an item built by another, and your skill will grow substantially."
Deconstruction? What's that? / What is deconstruction?
"Simply put, it is the practice of taking a piece of equipment and breaking it down to its constituent parts. Doing so turns your art back not only into its base materials, but also into newfound knowledge."

Talking to him again before deconstructing a piece of jewelry:

"At times, appreciating your craft requires dismantling it. Take the ring, or any other piece of jewelry, to a jewelry crafting station and deconstruct it."

Once you've deconstructed a piece of jewelry:

"Your bearing is that of an awakened artisan. Have you deconstructed a piece of jewelry, as I requested?"
Yes. Am I ready to be certified in jewelry crafting?
"Most certainly. I hereby ordain you officially certified in the art of jewelry crafting. You may begin fulfilling writs immediately.
Here's a small reward to get you started in your journey."
"You are now free to accept jewelry crafting writs.
Be advised that while the jewelry you create may be beautiful, you'll need to conduct further research if you wish to add the traits most adventurers seek."
How do I research traits?
"You can research any trait that a piece of jewelry already possesses. Sadly, the item will be destroyed. But such is progress.
You can also enchant jewelry, though you'll have to seek another if you wish to learn more about that skill."
What kind of traits can I research?
"You can learn traits which help with your health, stamina, or magicka.
I suggest prioritizing traits you most need in your adventures, as the research process may take quite some time to complete."
Is there anything else I should know about jewelry traits?
"I have heard of many special jewelry stations, located within certain parts of Tamriel.
Jewelry pieces created at such stations will provide advantages when used in conjunction with specific armor and weapons."


  • Felarian is the author of the book The Joys of Jewelry Crafting.
  • Felarian doesn't appear in the game until after your character has reached level 6.