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Heart's Day is a holiday celebrated all over Tamriel on the 16th of Sun's Dawn. In almost every house, the Legend of the Lovers is being sung for the younger generation. In honor of these Lovers, Polydor and Eloisa, the inns of various cities offer a free room for visitors. If such kindness had been given these Lovers, it is said, it would always be springtime in the world. Ironically, it is also the Summoning Day for Sanguine, who represents debauchery.[1]

To properly set the mood properly in the bedroom in Honor of Heart's day, flower petals, sweetrolls, and much more are brought in. Each item helps those so inclined fulfill on the day's delightful promise with their partners in the adventure called life. Flowers associated with Dibella are picked for the occasion.[2]


  • Author Phrastus of Elinhir once approached Lady Cinnabar of Taneth at the Dragonstar Conclave of Antiquarian Scholars and pointed out it was the 16th of Sun's Dawn, suggesting they should meet later that evening to "appropriately celebrate Sanguine's summoning day", and took it rather personally when she refused his smarmy advances, for it was shortly thereafter that his criticism of her work began to appear in the journals.[3]
  • Saturalia was originally a holiday for a long forgotten god of debauchery.[4] Another holiday in relation to Sanguine is "Carnaval", a portmanteau of carnal and carnival where it is easy find his worshipers.[3] The exact time it takes place is unknown.


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