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Lore:Grand Topal Hideaway

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Grand Topal Hideaway
Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Topal Bay
Appears in ESO
Grand Topal Hideaway ca. 2E 582
Map of Grand Topal Hideaway

Grand Topal Hideaway is a small volcanic island off the east coast of Topal Island, in the middle of Topal Bay. It mostly consists of sandy beaches with shallow waters, a variety of tropical and deciduous trees, and a large active volcano.[1] Due to the volcano's constant trembling, it is believed that an eruption could destroy the entire island.[2]


Eroded ruins of xanmeer structures dot the island, suggesting that there was once an ancient Argonian civilization that inhabited it before Duskfall.[3] Its location near the mouth of the storied Niben River has likely resulted in an interesting history on the island, although there is little documentation as to the history or provenance of the property.[2]

Circa 2E 582, the Architects Guild put the Grand Topal Hideaway on the market as a private residence. The guild was in correspondence with the office of a reputable attorney from Senchal for its sale, implying that the previous owner was a Khajiiti pirate. The guild had no information on the hideaway or the islet's history.[2] Transport to the island was provided by a ship from Fisherman's Isle, southeast of Haven.[3]

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