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Topal Island
Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Topal Bay
Appears in ESO
Topal Island ca. 2E 582
Map of Topal Island

Topal Island is a far-off island region[1] located in the middle of the Topal Bay. The island is located roughly southeast of Leyawiin and northwest of Soulrest. It mostly consists of a shallow beach with a variety of tropical and deciduous trees, and a large volcano that is inaccessible. Criminal masterminds have built a hideaway on the island's beach[2] and according to past history about the island, a volcanic eruption has never destroyed it.[3]


Eroded ruins of Xanmeer structures dot the island, suggesting that there was once an ancient Argonian civilization that inhabited it before Duskfall.[4] It has been near a number of interesting events due to its location.[3]

Sometime after the Empire of Cyrodiil's collapse, pirates on the Topal Bay had terrorized the waters around the island. Voldar, the Terror of Topal Bay, plundered several ships west of Topal Island, and the Blue Wamasu, a notorious band of pirates would often hang around Topal Island's coast.[5]

The Architects Guild had put the Grand Topal Hideaway on the market and corresponded with the office of a reputable attorney from Senchal for its sale. The guild had no information on the hideaway or even the islet's history. Only that the hideaway had not been destroyed by volcanic eruption for years, at least up until 2E 582.[3] Transport to the island was provided by a ship southeast of Haven, on the coast of Fisherman's Isle.[4]

The island was considered by the Empire to be Cyrodiil's territory in 2E 864,[6] a claim which remained by the late Third Era, as certain maps be considered them part of Cyrodiil.[7]


  • The island first appeared as an unnamed landmass in the Arena map, not part of any province.
  • An early name for it was Topal Isle,[UOL 1] and there were once plans to feature it as a battleground.[UOL 2]

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