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The Elytra are large mantis-like creatures indigenous to much of the Shivering Isles. Like many of the native creatures of the realm, they are marked by a color difference between the Mania and the Dementia Variety, but are otherwise identical.[1] They are found in high concentrations in root tunnel systems and near caves, but inhabit almost the entire Isles. They were also found within Solitude's sewers, where a root tunnel system manifested as a result of a madman's experiments with the Sword of Jyggalag. Some Elytra were smuggled out into the rest of Skyrim in hopes that they could be sold for a significant profit.[2] Some Elytra secrete a glowing green substance known as Felldew, prized as a powerful, addictive drug.[3]

An Elytra's enlarged thorax can grow as large as a human male, and functions as a womb. It is also where Elytra's ichor forms. The ichor's purpose is to paralyze a foe, and if the Elytra deemed the paralyzed to be a worthy host, they will nest its eggs within the host.[4] They use deadly poisons to kill their prey,[5] which if gone unchecked, venom can slay the average man over a period of hours.[1] After growing and feeding on the hosts body for a few days, the hatchlings will emerge.[4] Especially deadly is the Elytra Matron's venom, which can last much longer than the poisons found on the lesser varieties of the creature.[1]

Despite their appearance which often unsettles people, Elytra have the potential to be gentle, and may be welcome people into their brood and allow them to make the root systems they inhabit their home.[4] Elytra have the potential to be tamable as pets, and may allow people to freely harvest their ichor.[6]


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