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Cloud Top
Type Mountain
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Colovian Highlands
Appears in Oblivion
Cloud Top circa 3E 433
A mage casting Finger of the Mountain

Cloud Top is a mountain in the Colovian Highlands of Cyrodiil, in the Amber Woodland northwest of Chorrol.[1][2] The summit can be reached via a mountain path that branches off the Orange Road outside Chorrol's North Gate.[1] Cloud Top is the site of the crumbling remains of an Imperial fortification. These ruins include a section of pillar carved by the Ayleids and infused with significant power.[3]


The Ayleid stone was transported here by the Imperial Watch at some point in the Third Era in an attempt to harness some degree of the Ayleid's magical power. Wizards from the Mages Guild were brought in to focus the stone's power and it was eventually tuned to react to shock magic, although several guild mages were severely injured in the process. Through the use of a Welkynd stone, the Imperials were marginally successful in harnessing the stone's power.[3] By casting a shock spell on the pillar while holding a Welkynd stone, the caster would be granted command of powerful destructive magic, namely a shock spell called "Finger of the Mountain".[4]

Knowledge of the events at Cloud Top were recorded in a book entitled Fingers of the Mountain, which was given to the keepers of the Imperial Watch.[3] This book was lost after it was taken back to Cloud Top by an unknown individual, who was then killed by lightning while interacting with the stone.[1]

Circa 3E 433, a former guild mage named Earana arrived in Chorrol seeking to locate the book. Teekeeus, the local guild leader and her former nemesis, instructed the Hero of Kvatch to reach the book first and secure it for the Mages Guild for safekeeping. Teekeeus sought guidance from the Council of Mages to determine what to do with the book, while Earana attempted to enlist the Hero's aid in return for the knowledge needed to harness the stone's destructive powers. The book was successfully retrieved from the charred corpse of its previous owner at Cloud Top, although it is unknown who the Hero agreed to help.[5][6]

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