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Ogre's Teeth

An Ogre
OB-icon-ingredient-Ogre Teeth.png Oblivion
Damage Intelligence
Resist Paralysis
Shock Damage
Fortify Strength
SR-icon-ingredient-Ogre's Teeth.png Skyrim(CC)
Weakness to Shock
Resist Poison
Lingering Damage Magicka
Regenerate Health


OB-icon-ingredient-Onion.png Oblivion
Restore Fatigue
Water Breathing
Detect Life
Damage Health
ON-icon-food-Onion.png Elder Scrolls Online
Prior to Update 6, it was used as an ingredient for crafting food.


OB-icon-ingredient-Orange.png Oblivion
Restore Fatigue
Detect Life

Orange Dartwing

An Orange Dartwing
SR-icon-ingredient-Orange Dartwing.png Skyrim
Restore Stamina
Ravage Magicka
Fortify Pickpocket
Lingering Damage Health

Orc's Blood

DF-icon-ingredient-Blood2.png Daggerfall
Increase Strength
RG-item-Orc's Blood.png Redguard