Lore:Alchemy I

Lore: Alchemy
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Ice Grape

SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Shadowkey
Increase Magic Resistance

Ice Wraith Teeth

An Ice Wraith
SR-icon-ingredient-Ice Wraith Teeth.png Skyrim
Weakness to Frost
Fortify Heavy Armor
Weakness to Fire


Imp Fluid

OB-icon-ingredient-Vampire Dust.png Oblivion
Damage Health
  • Not seen in game.

Imp Gall

An Imp
OB-icon-ingredient-Daedra Venin.png Oblivion
Fortify Personality
Cure Paralysis
Damage Health
Fire Damage
SR-icon-ingredient-Imp Gall.png Skyrim(CC)
Damage Health
Weakness to Fire
Fortify Barter
Cure Poison

Imp Stool

SR-icon-ingredient-Imp Stool.png Skyrim
Damage Health
Lingering Damage Health
Restore Health
ON-icon-reagent-Imp Stool.png Elder Scrolls Online
Ravage Stamina
Increase Armor
BL-icon-material-Imp Stool.png Blades
Restore Health
Damage Health Regeneration

Imp stools are squat, orange-capped, yellow, or golden-brown mushrooms that grow in caves, outside in the shade of trees or rocks, and on the bodies of Shroom Beetles. [1] [2] [3]

Iron Ore

Iron Veins in Oblivion
Iron Veins in Oblivion
In Skyrim
In Skyrim
In Elder Scrolls Online
In Elder Scrolls Online
DF-icon-ingredient-Iron.png Daggerfall
OB-icon-misc-SilverNugget.png Oblivion
SR-icon-ore-Iron Ore.pngSR-icon-ingot-Iron Ingot.png Skyrim
(Iron Ore and Iron Ingot)
ON-icon-ore-Iron Ore.pngON-icon-ingot-Iron Ingot.png Elder Scrolls Online
(Iron Ore and Iron Ingot)
BL-icon-material-Iron Ingot.png Blades
(Iron Ingot)

These are used in crafting armor and weapons, not in alchemy.

  • For background information, see Iron.

Ironwood Nut

Ironwood trees
OB-icon-ingredient-Ironwood Nut.png Oblivion
Restore Intelligence
Resist Fire
Damage Fatigue
Fortify Health

A nut harvested from the Ironwood tree.