Legends: Cards
Creature (Imperial)
Deck code ID hv
Alternate Art Deck code ID zY
Card Set LG-icon-Dark Brotherhood.png Dark Brotherhood
Alternate Art Availability Festival of Madness 2019
Magicka Cost LG-icon-Magicka.png10
Attribute Endurance Endurance
Power Power 6 Health Health 6
Rarity Epic Epic
At the start of your turn, summon the highest cost creature from your discard pile and give it Charge. At the end of the turn, put it on the bottom of your deck.

Gravesinger is an epic Endurance creature card. It is available as part of the Dark Brotherhood story set.


A playset of the card is awarded for completing Cultists' Meeting Place. The premium version can only be obtained by soul-summoning, which is only possible after the completion of Cultists' Meeting Place.


When summoned:

"The end of life is not the end of usefulness!"

When attacking:

"They will serve me in death!"


  • When there are no cards (including actions, items, and supports) in one's discard pile, this card will produce a Sweet Roll.
  • This card's ability applies the Second Burial card effect.
  • Gravesinger is a term for a Reachman necromancer.
  • The alternate art is based on the necromancer's Flame Skull skill from the The Elder Scrolls: Online.