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Lore:On the Brewing of Dark Meat Beer

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Book Information
Writer Douglas Goodall
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On the Brewing of Dark Meat Beer
Instructions on brewing Bosmeri alcohol with insects and meat

The majority of this book is lifted from a previous unofficial text, called The Dreadful Theft of the Sun's Dusk Ale.

First of all, it takes years for all the meat and bugs to fall in. And they have to fall naturally. Crosswings have a fierce bitterness when they die afraid.

Then, you must stretch seventeen strings of the thinnest Alfiq-gut over each barrel. Press aged meat onto the strings, being careful not to let any fall before it has properly rotted. Then dust the meat with the finely chopped skins of the red-striped frog to make sure the crosswings are drunk and happy when they hit the drink.

You do this every month for three or more years, until you have enough meat and bugs to fill the barrel. And that's not even counting the enchantments. You must have spells to attract the crosswings and mimics. And spells to keep out the flipbacks, tree-hoppers, and hoarvor larvae.

There are spells to encourage the green mold and prevent the brown and white molds. Then you have to seal the barrel for nine or more years until the last of the green mold turns. Good thing we have long lives, eh?

— Anonymous Bosmeri Brewer