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Daggerfall:Character Creation

Choose who you wish to be

The first step in starting a new game is character creation. Follow these steps to begin play.

Step 1: Race and GenderEdit

You will begin the process by selecting your home province. A map of Tamriel is displayed, and clicking on a province will give you a short description of its inhabiting race and a confirmation box. Once you've selected your race, you must choose a gender. Gender will not affect your character's abilities.

Step 2: ClassEdit

The Mage, the Warrior, and the Thief; Which are you?

You will next choose one of the eighteen predefined classes from a list, make a custom class by selecting "Custom" at the bottom of the same list, or answer a questionnaire that will generate your class from among the predefined classes based on your answers.

Each class has different primary, major and minor skills, special advantages, and special disadvantages. As your class will have a significant impact on gameplay, take care to choose or create a class that suits your playstyle.

Step 3: BackgroundEdit

You will next generate a background for your character based on your class (or the class you are most like, if you created a custom class), which will affect your starting skills, equipment, and reputation. You can either have the game randomly generate your background, or answer a series of questions to exert more control over the process.

Step 4: Name, Face, and AttributesEdit

You will next select a name and a face; neither will affect your character's abilities. Then, the starting values for your character's eight attributes will be displayed, and you will receive between 6 and 14 bonus points to distribute among the various attributes. You can also reroll, which will again randomize your attributes' starting values and bonus points, or save a roll to later load it after a reroll. After determining your starting attributes, you will receive six bonus points to distribute among your primary skills, six points for your major skills, and six points for your minor skills. You will finally be shown an overview of your character and given one last chance to make adjustments before confirming.

Once you have completed the above four steps, you will set sail for Daggerfall. Your ship will crash, and your character will then start the game in Privateer's Hold.