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Joined 2 September 2018

Hello and welcome to my userpage. I enjoy spending some of my time creating or updating lore articles so that knowledge on the setting will be up to date for the Elder Scrolls community.

Featured ArticlesEdit

  • Lore:Breton - Aided in its revamp, and am keeping it up to date.
  • Lore:Clockwork City - I really enjoyed the CWC dlc and all things related to Sotha Sil.
  • Lore:Druids - A Breton subculture, originating with the Breton's Nedic ancestors.
  • Lore:Hircine- My favorite Daedric Prince. I did a major Revamp on the page.
  • Online:Volendrung - In-game testing had to be done, and had to compete with other players to test things out.

Some of the Pages I've Worked OnEdit

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Other Image UploadsEdit