Blades: Enemies
A Skeever

Skeevers are an enemy group in Blades that are hostile to the player. They are giant rat-like creatures that are weak to fire damage, but resist shock and poison damage. While most Skeevers deal cleaving damage, Venomfang Skeevers also deal poison damage with their bites. They all have stagger immunity, which means that they can not block attacks, but instead swarm the player in groups and can only be hit with melee weapons while they are attacking. As they have no stamina or magicka, they do not have any spells or abilities. Skeevers cannot appear as a boss.

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The following Skeevers are the variants found in Jobs, the Abyss, and many other Quests.
Skeever Critter Family & Skeever Critter Family Abyss

Skeevers Level Damage Health Armor Weakness to Fire Resist Shock Resist Poison
Skeever Min 2 14 9 11 8.4 0 0
Max 6 18 23 31
Venomfang Skeever Min 7 38 24 53 8.4 51.84 61.44
Max 13 51 70 98
Giant Skeever Min 14 52 82 107 8.4 77.76 92.16
Max 22 65 215 158