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This page lists all the places in Blades that you can visit.


There are 48 names in total, but place names are drawn depending on the tileset used, so there's 12 possible names for each of the 4 tilesets.

Ayleid Ruins Caves Dungeons Forests
Elanwe's Grave Barnaby's Pit Anvil Keep Bloodfall Woods
The Forgotten Halls Dreadmare Cavern Fort Ghashnag Fairwater Grove
The Halls of the Ancients Geirlund's Grotto Fort Grimwell Greenheart Woods
The Haunted Ruins Graymoor Caves Gridbrod Keep North Woods
The House of Morilatta Misty Hollows Hampstead Fort Porcupine Grove
The Lost Tomb Monbriant Caverns Margrave Hall Redmont Forest
The Old Crypt Raven's Hollow Mogdul's Palace Ridgewood
The Ruins of Abadabala Tharifa's Den Murien Castle Rockwell
The Ruins of Varlasel The Glistening Chasm Redmane Castle Shady Grove
The Tomb of Ostarand The Wasting Cave Skyborn Hold Tiny Oak Grove
Valasha's Maze The Whispering Cavern The Old Citadel Woodhaven Forest
Varondil's Crypt Tullius' Chasm Windkeep Castle Wormwood
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