This page lists all the places in Blades that you can visit.

Major PlacesEdit

BL-icon-Abyss.png The Abyss — A procedural dungeon that gets more difficult the further you go.
BL-icon-Town.png Town — Your main hub and home base.

Quest PlacesEdit

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BL-icon-Secret.png Secrets — Hidden areas found along various quests.
Deadbrook Hollow
Fort Cassynder
Hangman's Wood
Haunted Grove
Highwinter Castle
Howling Caves
Lost Caverns
Woodhaven Forest
Woodhope Keep


These Places appear in Arena mode, Duel jobs, and sometimes quests. You usually fight Duelists here.

BL-icon-Arena.png Old Arena — A shabby Arena.
BL-icon-Arena.png Frozen Battleground — An icy arena.
BL-icon-Arena.png Dragonwood Arena — A foresty, overgrown arena.
BL-icon-Arena.png Warriors Field — An arena.
BL-icon-Arena.png Heroes Hall — A rainy, extravagant arena.
BL-icon-Arena.png Imperial Arena — The legendary arena of the Imperial City.

Job PlacesEdit

Each Job has a dynamic location, choosing from a selection of the following place names. Besides each name and corresponding tileset, there are no distinctions between each location, the terrain of each being procedurally generated.

Ayleid RuinsEdit

Elanwe's Grave
The Forgotten Halls
The Halls of the Ancients
The Haunted Ruins
The House of Morilatta
The Lost Tomb
The Old Crypt
The Ruins of Abadabala
The Ruins of Varlasel
The Tomb of Ostarand
Valasha's Maze
Varondil's Crypt


Barnaby's Pit
Dreadmare Cavern
Geirlund's Grotto
Graymoor Caves
Misty Hollows
Monbriant Caverns
Raven's Hollow
Tharifa's Den
The Glistening Chasm
The Wasting Cave
The Whispering Cavern
Tullius' Chasm


Anvil Keep
Fort Ghashnag
Fort Grimwell
Gilbrod Keep
Hampstead Fort
Margrave Hall
Mogdul's Palace
Murien Castle
Redmane Castle
Skyborn Hold
The Old Citadel
Windkeep Castle


Bloodfall Woods
Fairwater Grove
Greenheart Woods
North Woods
Porcupine Grove
Redmont Forest
Shady Grove
Tiny Oak Grove
Woodhaven Forest
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