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Things that have recently occurred in Skyrim that amused me:Edit

  • After thoroughly exploring Tolvald's Cave with Marcurio and exiting back out to Skyrim, he says "There's a cave here. Think we should check it out?"
  • While jumping around in a waterfall near Riverwood trying to catch salmon, I was unexpectedly vaulted into the air about 80 feet, then fell back onto the rocks and died. Must have caught an updraft...
  • A vampire Traveler attacked me in Solitude, with a mass of nearby NPCs joining in, resulting in the death of Pantea Ateia. Luckily I had just quicksaved, so I reloaded, and watched Pantea slide elegantly across the ground on her back talking about her performances at the Blue Palace.
  • While testing aggression with Whiterun NPCs, I ended up being chased by Balgruuf the Greater and Jon Battle-born all the way to Bleakwind Basin, with a dragon circling overhead. For some bizarre reason, Balgruuf and Jon started flapping their wings and skimming over the ground while chasing me.