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Template:Place Summary

Due to the sensitive nature of this template or the fact that it is used on a large number of pages, it has been semi-protected to prevent site-wide damage by vandal bots.
Editors: In order to minimize the impact on our servers, please use sandboxes to make and test changes to widely used templates before deployment.
For more information, please see this article's talk page.


This template provides a uniform look for all in-game location pages, and should be used at the top of the pages for any dungeons, settlements, campsites, houses, or other locations. It automatically fills in the breadcrumb trails, primary image, and primary description. The description is also made available for other templates, such as Place Link.


Note that several parameters are case-insensitive for backwards compatibility. Lower-case parameters are customary for templates. Parameters marked as being "autolinked" can be provided either as links or plain text and will convert plain text to links.

Place Summary
Parameter Scope Description
type required Any sensible term, for example, "Cave", "Fort", "House", "Store", "Inn", "Guild Hall", "Landmark", "Lake". Used in infobox title and trail.
description required A description of the location.
mod optional Name of mod that adds the location (if not in baseline version of game).
image required The name of an image file for this place (without "File:" or [[brackets]]). If this parameter is missing, a NeedsImage banner will automatically be added to the quest article. In cases where an image is truly never needed, set image to "none".
imgdesc optional Description of image. Optional, but should usually be provided with image.
optional Any text to be added above or below the description. A space is automatically added after addabove and before addbelow. This should generally only be used for descriptive text and should not contain tables or images that would be better placed outside the template call.
is/are optional Define as anything to change from Place is <description> to Place are <description>.
titlename optional Name of place, used in infobox title and description sentence. Defaults to LABELNAME.
defaultsort optional Sets a new DEFAULTSORT. Defaults to titlename. This parameter is only used with titlename, to handle cases of "The ..." or "A ..." where we don't want it to sort that way. When not using titlename, use {{DEFAULTSORT:...}} as usual at the top of the page.
mapname optional Name of location on the Oblivion/SI/Morrowind Map. Defaults to LABELNAME - set to "none" to omit this field.
mapbase optional Namespace of game map to use if not the current namespace. Used for cases like Last Vigil and A Strange Door.
mapx optional If mapname cannot be used for some reason, the location of a place can be specified using mapx and mapy. These are coordinates taken directly from the relevant map.
mapy optional See mapx.
lorepage optional Name (or full link) to a Lore page with more information on the location.
zones optional Number of zones at location.

optional List of people with functions at the location.

optional Corresponding headings to use for job parameters. Defaults to "Publican" for Inns, "Guildmaster" for Guild Halls, "Master" for Telvanni Towers, and "Proprietor" for anything else.
prop deprecated Identical to job1.
propname deprecated Identical to jobtitle1 parameters. jobtitle is preferred over propname.
occupants optional Type of occupants.
treasure optional Listing of important treasures.
transtype optional Transportation type for destinations header.
optional Fast-travel destinations from this location.
locationcode optional Console location code. Defaults to "Unknown" - set to "none" to omit this field.
regionheader optional Header to use with region. Defaults to "Region", or "Regions" if region2 is provided.
optional Name of the region(s) in which the place can be found. Autolinked.
regionnote optional Adds a note after the region text.
Use only one of location, city, or town. (Prioritized in that order if more than one is specified.)
city optional Name of the city in which the place can be found. Autolinked.
district optional District within the city (should only be used if city=Vivec, Imperial City, or New Sheoth). Autolinked.
town optional Name of town in which the place can be found. Unlike city, is not categorized. Autolinked.
location optional Where this place is located.
coords optional Coordinates of place (only if city or region is provided).
notrail optional Specify any value to omit trail at top-left of screen. Defaults to omitted on User and Template pages.
nocat optional Specify any value to omit categories.
marker_icon optional Name of icon used for this place on the map. Icon will be added to the title of the infobox.
almsivi optional Location that will be reached via Almsivi Intervention.
divine optional Location that will be reached via Divine Intervention.
interventionns optional Namespace to be used for header text link of almsivi and divine.
daedra required for
Daedric Ruin or
Daedric Shrine
Daedra Lord association. Use "None" for those without any Daedra Lord.
kollops required for
Number of pearl-containing Kollops.
minetype required for
Normally one of: Diamond, Ebony, Egg, Glass or Iron Ore. Other values may be used and will automatically link to a page of the same name if possible.
samples required for
Number of ore samples or eggs in mine.
optional for
Propylon chambers. Normally used with type=Stronghold but can be used regardless of type.
optional for
Names of shrines.
roomcost optional Cost to rent a room (only if type=Inn).
welkynd optional for
Ayleid Ruins
Number of welkynd stones.
varla optional for
Ayleid Ruins
Number of varla stones.
roomcost optional Cost to rent a room (only if type=Inn).
clearable optional Is this place clearable? If missing/empty, nothing is displayed; otherwise "Yes" is displayed (and it's added to the clearable category).
dungeon optional Is this place classified as a dungeon? If missing/empty, nothing is displayed; otherwise "Yes" is displayed.
respawn optional Respawn time for location. Most commonly used to set value to never. If entire respawn section should be skipped, set it to skip. Otherwise, default text is displayed, dependent upon whether or not location is clearable.

optional Types of ore vein (e.g., iron, ebony, etc).

optional # of veins of the corresponding oretype. Only used if the corresponding oretype is set.
alchemy optional # of alchemy labs.
enchanting optional # of arcane enchanters.
tanning optional # of tanning racks.
smelter optional # of smelters.
forge optional # of forges and/or anvils.
grindstone optional # of grindstones.
workbench optional # of workbenches.
cooking optional # of cooking pots or cooking spits.
oven optional # of ovens.
staffenchanter optional # of staff enchanters.
fishing optional # of fishing spots/fishing supplies.
lumber optional # of wood chopping blocks.
clay optional # of clay deposits.
stone optional # of stone quarries.
amethyst optional # of amethyst geodes.
emerald optional # of emerald geodes.
ruby optional # of ruby geodes.
sapphire optional # of sapphire geodes.
heartstone optional # of heart stone deposits.
stalhrim optional # of stalhrim deposits.
wordwall optional Type of shout provided by the Word Wall (as a link).

optional Name(s) of any shadowmark(s) displayed at this location (possible values: cache, danger, empty, escape, fence, guild, loot, protected, or safe).
marker_id optional Name of marker used on the world map (e.g., 'Farm'). Auto-converted into the correct value of marker_icon.
avail optional When the location is available.
buys optional What the merchant at the location will buy.
sells optional What the merchant at the location will sell.
horse optional The horse type available at stables.