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Joined 17 July 2017
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About MeEdit

Hi, I'm ThalJ. Most people call me TJ for short. I'm a front-end developer for the UESP, focusing on user facing stuff like the site and apps. If I broke something, shoot me a message or leave me one on my talk page. I am mostly a technical/gamespace editor, but I still do some edits to lorespace every now and then.

Ever since my uncle got me a copy of Oblivion in 2007, TES has been one of my favourite franchises. I have since played all of the main games, and completed all of the older ones too. While my favourite game in the franchise is ESO, the more obscure titles like Shadowkey have a special place in my heart as well.

Working onEdit

I'm not working on anything right now.

Worked onEdit

Stuff I've worked on/contributed a decent part to:

  • Shadowkey documentation project
  • Lore:Goblin
  • Lore:Nahfahlaar (We don't talk about the Red Dragon Incident)
  • UESPWiki mobile app
  • UESP gamemap system
  • AccurateWorldMap ESO mod

My SandboxesEdit

My sandbox is here.