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About MeEdit

Hello, my name is Kristian under the username Pretax. I am a normal UESP user (hopefully human) living in Norway. I play Skyrim and (If i'm bored) Oblivion on XBOX 360 (UPDATE: Can't find the CD, so I'm screwed), sometimes Morrowind on PC when I feel like it. I bought the TES: Anthology (A collector's pack), so I have all the 5 original-series games for PC, but my craptop gets 13-16 fps in Balmora in Morrowind, and I'm low on cash, so you get my situation. I love playing The Elder Scrolls games and using my knowledge (Which is limited) to help other people.

My Elder Scrolls KnowledgeEdit

I (As any TES fan) have played almost every TES game. The only ones that I haven't played is from the spin-off series, TES: Adventures.

Arena: I suck at these kinds of games... I didn't even manage to get to the surface before getting chopped in half by a running skeleton. The fact that you have to save after everything you do, and everything you are going to do, is not a thing I'm used to, so the progress got set back a couple times before I rage quit. And yes, I put the difficulty to the easiest.

Daggerfall: Just as Arena, I didn't make it to the surface, and I think the enemies got even harder. Well done TES, for making two games that the present <18 gamers cannot complete.

Morrowind: I actually managed to defeat the rats at the old lady's attic, making me able to progress through the game. It is an amazing game, I've only made it to Vivec, and I'm jerking around in it, but the small part that I've seen and felt is awesome. In my experience this is the best game in the Elder Scrolls series, not by looks and all that, but by the atmosphere, and the feel you get when playing through the quests. Minimal help gets you stuck in some places, but if you look through your Journal and start asking people related to the quest, you'll start to understand the way things work in the game. Also, for the newer TES players, who just bought Skyrim and that, you'll end up moaning about all the walking you have to do because of the lack of fast-travel, deal with it.

Oblivion: This is the first TES game I played, and I still love it. My first save got a big boost in speed as I didn't know how to get up the map, thus making me walk all the way to the chapel after breaking out of prison. This is the second-best game in my opinion, besting Skyrim because of the quality of the the quests, no game is really fun without good quests. And I've actually never completed the Main Questline for some obscure reason.

Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls game with the most possibilities, and hardcore players (Until ESO comes out of course). I've enjoyed this game as it allows you to do so much more, and explore a ton of things, hopefully without screwing with some other quests.My favorite moment wasn't related to any quest, it was more of a random happening. I walked up the mountains in a rather weird manner, hoping to find a place so I could stare at the outer regions, when I saw this dwarven ruin called Kagrenzel, going inside led me to a orb with a siren sound after you've been caged in, then the floor opens and the pit below you is several hundreds of meters deep, watching all the stone fly by was awesome! And you survive! Currently my main save is leveling up to prepare for his next encounter with Karstaag. Got kinda pwned last time.