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Turdas, 5th of Morning Star, 1:50am:

I became a big fan of the Elder Scrolls when I played Oblivion like so many others.

I just made an account because I think I can help with Skyrim stuff. I've been around UESP since Oblivion but only ever made minor changes, suggestions or questions. I played 600 hours of oblivion and over 200 of Skyrim. I Think I know everything there is to know about Oblivion's lore and a good amount about Tamriel's history (more than my own country or the world's IRL, actualy). I read pretty much every book in Oblivion... maybe not the guides to the cities and few others like that though. I often find myself reading for hours on various subjects about Tamriel's history when I just started by wanting to know a certain NPC's schedule, for exemple. I've recently been reading a lot about elven history and culture.

I have the five main games (1-3 on PC and 3-5 on Xbox) but never really finished number 1 trough 3 (I'm planning on cheating to boost my character just to see the story unfold for myself instead of having just read it.)

I can also read daedric.

Today is Morndas, 18th of Morning Star.