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Konichiwa and welcome to the realm of Mishaxhi9999. Enjoy your visit!

About this userEdit

I'm a 28 year old gamer from the United States of America. I first played Oblivion on the Xbox 360 until that version became unplayable (too much to handle!) and moved on to the PS3 version (with the "Game Of The Year" edition) and the PS4 edition ("Special Edition") and played it ever since. I am now playing Skyrim (PS3 version, original and Game of the Year).

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Mishaxhi's Oblivion charactersEdit

  • Name: Terra Hikaru
  • Race: Redguard
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthsign: The Warrior
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Class: Samurai
  • Weapon(s): Akaviri Katana (Original and Ancient), Bow and Arrows (Madness), Dagger (Ebony)
  • Weapon Name(s):Black Dusk (Original, Hyakushiki and Nihyakushiki), Ishikawa, Murasama, Nihyakushiki Masamune, Red Dawn (Original, Hyakushiki and Nihyakushiki), Shin Murasame-Maru, Soul Eater X, Toshikage, Tsuki No Gin
  • Armor and Clothing: Black Hood, Ebony armor (Cuirass, Gauntlets and Helmet), Iron armor (Cuirass, Gauntlets and Helmet), Orcish armor (Cuirass, Gauntlets and Helmet), Jewelry (Amulets and Rings), Clothing (Various), Wrist Irons
  • Armor and Clothing Name(s): Dragon's Eye (Jade Ring), Hikaru Clan Legendary Armor (Madness Cuirass, Gauntlets and Helmet), Hikaru Clan Warfare Hakama and Waraji (Black Wide Pants and Sack Cloth Sandals), Hunting Clothes (Doeskin Shoes, Plaid Shirt and Light Brown Linens), Krosis and Miraak (Black Robe Hood), Mannetake and Meshimakobu Ring (Ebony and Ebony Diamond Ring), Night Vision Ring (Ebony Ring), Pimp Boy 3 Billion (Wrist Irons), Terra Hikaru's Leisure Clothes (Emperor's Shoes, Light Brown Linens and Zero-Weight Shirt with Suspenders), Terra Hikaru's Shogun Robes and Shogun Boots (Emperor's Robes and Shoes)
  • Skill(s): Acrobatics, Alchemy, Athletics, Blade, Heavy Armor, Marksman, Restoration
  • Attributes: Endurance, Strength
  • Faction(s): Arena (Grand Champion), Blades (Knight Brother), Court of Madness (Madgod), Dark Brotherhood (Listener), Fighters Guild (Master), Knight's of the Thorn (Honorary Knight), Knight's of the White Stallion (Knight-Errant), Mages Guild (Arch-Mage), Order of the Dragon (Champion of Cyrodiil), Order of the Virtuous Blood (Brother), Thieves Guild (Gray Fox)

(Currently playing as this character)

Mishaxhi's Skyrim charactersEdit

  • Name: Terra Hikaru
  • Race: Redguard
  • Gender: Male
  • Play Style: The Warrior
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Weapon(s): Blades Sword, Bow, (Dragonbone), Dagger (Dragonbone), Dragonbone Sword, Pickaxe (Regular and Ancient Nordic), Scimitar, Woodcutter's Axe
  • Weapon Name(s): Black Dusk, Blade of Woe, Bolar's Oathblade, Dragonbane, High Roller's Pick, Kushinadahime, Poacher's Axe, Red Dawn, Toshikage, True Soul Eater, Windshear
  • Armor and Clothing: Amulets of the Divines, Cultist's Mask, Fine Boots, Gloves, Jewelry (Necklaces and Rings), Mourner's Clothes, Vampire's Robes
  • Armor and Clothing Name(s): Amulets of the Divines, Hands of Masamune, Hikaru Fuji Fatigues, Tekko and Jika-Tabi, Masamune's Charm and Ring. Mannetake Charm and Ring, Mask of Orochi
  • Skill(s):
  • Faction(s): Companions (Harbinger)

200 years have passed since his last quest, Terra Hikaru, current leader of the Hikaru clan, awoke from a deep sleep inside an unknown cave in Cyrodiil that served as the clan's resting place. He and the rest of his family and members of the clan were put into a deep slumber by the students of the school of Chronomancy, the magic of time alteration. This type of magic was only discovered during one of his many adventures. He and the rest of the clan were placed in specially constructed tombs utilizing mysterious magics to preserve their bodies in its current state. Only his most dedicated members of the clan stood guard at his resting place, keeping a vigilant eye to any individual or would-be grave robber that would disturb their honored slumber. And now that time has come, it is the 201st year of the 4th Era, and Terra Hikaru, his entire family, and his trusted soldiers have finally awoke for their ancient sleep. He gathered his weapons, Red Dawn and Black Dusk, donned his armor, gathered his soldiers and stepped out of their cave they called home. For the first time in 200 years, he saw the sun rising the skies of Tamriel and raising his blades up in the air and told them "We are back! And this land will be conquered by the might of our powerful clan!" Then, a student of the clan chronicling the current events happening throughout Tamriel told him that a new war is now waged in the land of the unending Tundra between a now crippling Empire and the natives of its own home, who wish to secede from them, saying that its people have suffered enough under the Emprie's rule and wish to forge its own history. And so it began a new chapter for Terra, a new chapter of the clan, and a new chapter that will change the course of history.

But, the Cyrodiil he saw and called home no longer resembled its former glory. Tamriel was now ruled by an emperor not born of the blood of the legendary Septim dynasty. All of his friends and family that he knew have passed on. The factions that he associated with no longer exist. On one of his journeys, he discovered the legendary Cloud Ruler Temple, now in ruins. The same student of the clan that resided in the cave told him and his family about the Great War and the Thalmor, rulers of the Second Aldmeri Dominion. The student also told him of the disbandment of the legendary Blades and the ban of the worship of Talos as the result of the White Gold Concordat. The clan, being devot worshipers of Talos, decided that their time in Cyrodiil was done and because the student told him of the war in the north, decided to head there by the path leading to the legendary Pale Pass.

But when he and his entire army finally crossed from Cyrodiil to Skyrim, they were ambushed and captured by the IV Imperial Legion forces of General Tulius. Terra's weapons and armor were destroyed and he and his entire army were bound and led to the carriages to their deaths. They were then sent to the settlement of Helgen, where their executions have just begun.

One by one, the members of his army and the Stormcloak rebels were lead to the chopping block for their execution. When it was Terra's turn, moments before the axe landed on his head, a great dragon appeared in the settlement and thus began the slaughtering of the town's populace and the Legion soliders. The soldiers then drew their blades to fight the dragon, and while that was happening Terra and his family got up and ran to the watchtower to protect themselves from the dragon's wrath.

After regaining their vision from the effects of the attack, there in their eyes gazed the leader of the rebellion, Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm. He told his brothers to move to escape the dragon's unending wrath. Terra and his family did the same and ran for their lives. After they jumped through the hole of the burning inn, they ran across the Nord Legionnare Hadvar. He told them to keep close to him, lest they be killed. As Terra and his family ran towards the other side of the settlement, they came across a member of the Stormcloaks, Ralof. Telling Hadvar to stay out of his way and hopes that the dragon takes him and his rebels to Sovngarde.

  • Name: Jiro Takakage
  • Race: Dremora
  • Gender: Male
  • Play Style: The Warrior
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Weapon(s): Blades Sword, Bow
  • Weapon Name(s): Penance of Faithfulness, Nearness of Oblivion
  • Armor and Clothing:
  • Armor and Clothing Name(s):
  • Skill(s):

(This is a character made through the use of Mods in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition)

A Dremora born in the Deadlands, the realm of Oblivion of the Deadric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, Jiro Takakage is a unique individual. Raised by his overlords and taught in the ways of combat and warfare, Jiro became one of the most feared soldiers in Dagon's army due to his brutal methods he applied on his opponents and any that showed disobedience and weakness to their lord of the realm. Trained in the use of a pair of Akaviri Katana he found from a member of the Blades that met his death while exploring the realm, he shows no remorse in cutting down his foes all to show his undying devotion to the Deadric Prince. He is the leader of his own elite unit of Dagon's army, the Black Oni, feared by all Daedric Princes as one of the deadly soldiers and assassins of the Prince of Destruction. Throughout his service to Lord Dagon, he built his power and influence by eliminating potential rivals and opponents that would challenge the Daedric Prince's dominance over his people. Overtime, he was granted unknown and forbidden gifts from the Prince of Destruction, including the gift of immortality, ensuring that even if he suffered fatal blows from his enemies, he would show little to no pain in the eyes of his enemies. Because of that gift, Jiro was known to have participated in major events concerning Tamriel, including his role in the Oblivion Crisis, the Great War and both the Dragon Crisis and the Skyrim Civil War.

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Roleplaying IdeasEdit

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