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Well hello again. If you haven't already seen my user page, then hello for the first time. Regrettably my biased race causes me to despise high elves and all those who support the Aldmeri Dominion (surely you know of their ban on the worship of Talos?). Anyway my name is dave and I am a time travelling Nord. Oh and I like lore…. Like really like Lore. And Gentleman Mudcrabs. There's a picture of one below. (From the Skyrim Nexus Mod for Posh Mudcrabs). On top of this I have a fascination for Dwemer artifacts and the disappearance of the dwarves. You most likely aren't still reading this anyway. As my da used to say - Imperials are idiutts! Sadly he couldn't spell. I was also made a saint in 3E 433 for destroying the plague of adoring fans that were tormenting the land. And Saint Jiub still gets more credit for wiping out his infestation. Anyway if you want to know more I'm sure some coloured magic boxes will tell you more. Begin your quest for these boxes beneath the mudcrab. Bye and as always - For Skyrim!!! --Dave the nord (talk) 15:38, 2 April 2015 (GMT)

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The Grand court of Gentleman Mudcrabs-These people have contributed to the Mudcrab Kingdom and have been so rewarded with a place in the court of Gentleman Mudcrabs:

Dwarfmp-Baron of Gentleman Mudcrabs for Belgium

Legoless-Duke of Gentleman Mudcrabs for Ireland and surrounding areas.

Shuryard-Grand Archduchess of Gentleman Mudcrabs, wielder of Mudcrabsbane.

Dave the nord-Moiself, Undisputed king of Gentleman Mudcrabs alike in the nirn and time.