Skyrim:Wolf Guardian Spirit

Skyrim: Creatures: Animals
Wolf Guardian Spirit (RefID: 000E6630)
Location Falkreath Hold, unmarked wolf den southwest of The Guardian Stones (map)
Species Wolf Soul
Level 2 Type Animals
RefID 000E6630 BaseID 000E662D
Other Information
Health 22 Magicka 0
Stamina 205
Primary Skills Sneak
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Predator Faction; Spriggan Predator Faction; WolfFaction
The Wolf Guardian Spirit

The Wolf Guardian Spirit is a spectral wolf found in a wolf den with several regular wolves. It will not appear until you are on the part of the quest that asks you to hunt it.

Despite being spectral in appearance, the Wolf Guardian Spirit seems to retain all aspects of a normal wolf and is killable with normal weapons. When killed, it will leave behind ghostly remains, but the loot table matches a normal wolf as well.

Related QuestsEdit

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