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(RefID: 000D167D, 000D1679)
Location Outside of Fort Greenwall
Race Radiant Gender Radiant
Level PC×0.5 (range=5-15) Class Bandit
RefID 000D167D
BaseID 000D1686
Other Information
Health 35+(PC-2)×5.5
Magicka 25
Stamina 25+(PC-2)×2
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Faction(s) HunterFaction, WEPlayerEnemy
A Trapper
A Trapper

Two Trappers are found outside of Fort Greenwall near a caged wolf. Freeing the wolf will cause them to attack you, though the wolf will join you against them.

The first (base ID: 000D1686) wears leveled light armor with leveled light boots, plus a 50% chance of a leveled light helmet (all up to scaled quality), and carries a steel war axe, an iron dagger, and at least 26 gold.

The other (base ID: 000D1685) wears hide armor, gloves, a pair of farm boots (four variants), plus a 50% chance of a hat (three variants). This trapper carries a leveled dagger (up to elven quality), either a hunting bow or long bow, at least seven iron arrows, five pieces of raw meat, a selection of lower-class items and gold, and 3-27 additional gold. There is also a chance of up to five animal parts.

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