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Skyrim:Thonar's Journal

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Book Information
Thonar's Journal
ID 000D674A
Value 5 Weight 1
Related to The Forsworn Conspiracy
Found in the following locations:
Thonar's Journal
Revelations that Thonar Silver-Blood is having secret dealings with the Forsworn

Madanach is becoming unruly. You'd think that 20 years in prison would calm a beast like him down a bit. Maybe I should have let the Jarl execute him after the uprising after all.

Still, he's been invaluable in getting rid of several "problems" over the years. Maybe I'm overreacting. No one knows about our little arrangement. Not even the Forsworn. I wonder how they would react knowing their "King in Rags" was one of my most important assets?

This little shadow rebellion of his better not start to include me, though. If I find out he's even thinking about double-crossing me, I'll make sure he dies inside Cidhna Mine, like the animal he is.