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Skyrim:Thalmor Orders

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Thalmor Orders
ID 00097803
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Found in the following locations:
Thalmor Orders
A communique from a Thalmor agent to a subordinate scout

Agent Sanyon,

In response to your report dated 22nd Morning Star 401 [sic], your request for an expeditionary force is hereby denied.

Sanyon, this is the seventh report you have filed this month, and not one of your leads - not one!- has turned up so much as a shred of evidence that a Talos shrine exists in the Lake Ilinalta region. No prisoners. No documents. Nothing!

Our forces are stretched thin enough as it is, and I have better missions - better agents - to assign them to. If you feel so sure of your informant, investigate this yourself. Come back with proof. Or not at all.

By my hand and seal,