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Skyrim:Sven's Fake Letter from Faendal

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Book Information
Sven's Fake Letter from Faendal
ID 0005C847
Value 0 Weight 0
Needed for A Lovely Letter
Found in the following locations:
Sven's Fake Letter from Faendal
by Sven
A forged note meant to make Faendal look unfavorable to Camilla

Dear Camilla,
I know I have called upon you at your house many times, and while we may be growing close, I need you to put any desires you may have for me aside. I am a true-born son of Valenwood, and I could never befoul my bloodline by courting an Imperial. I hope we can remain true friends, provided you understand your people's place in the Aldmeri Dominion, and respect me as such.
Sincerely, Faendal