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Skyrim:Sindnar's Tower Notes

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Sindnar's Tower Notes
Added by Myrwatch
Value 0 Weight 0
Found in the following locations:
This item respawns, allowing you to obtain multiple copies.
Sindnar's Tower Notes
by Sindnar
Notes on the mage tower called Myrwatch

Deep in the swamps of Hjaalmarch, where the branches are gnarled and the mist is thick, lies a tower of unknown provenance.

Few in the province dare speak the name Myrwatch, and those that do couch their words with apprehension and fear. Yet the mystery of the tower only piques my interest further, and so I have made it my life's work to discover its secrets.

What I can deduce of its past comes from its present. From the cut of the stone to the wards that surround it, every piece is a clue, a signature that can be traced back to a pen and hand.

The stone seal that guards the entrance is none other than the Eye of Magnus, a symbol born from the legacy of Shalidor. Its burning gaze can be found not just in Myrwatch, but outside the College of Winterhold.

Could it be the mages here were cast out from the college, and set out to carve their own path? This is but a theory, and yet, one I feel has merit.

Nevertheless, without access to the mind of its occupants, true insight will remain frustratingly out of grasp.