Skyrim:Silver-Blood Family Ring

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Unique Item: Silver-Blood Family Ring (00024cff)
Type Ring
Editor ID MS02SilverBloodRing
Weight Weight 0.25 Value Value 772
Weapons and armor can be improved 15% better.
Silver-Blood Family Ring

The Silver-Blood Family Ring is a ring that will be given to you by Thonar Silver-Blood if you killed Madanach during your escape from Cidhna Mine. Befitting the background of its former owners, its appearance is identical to a silver ring. Its enchantment improves weapon and armor smithing by 15%.

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  • It is possible to obtain Madanach's reward as well as this ring. By running through the mine with Madanach until the point at which you get the Armor of the Old Gods and the matching boots, gauntlets, and helmet, then stalling him until the other Forsworn have escaped the area will give you the opportunity to kill him, thus earning you the animosity of the surviving Forsworn prisoners, which they will express by attacking you once you leave. After defeating them, you can talk to Thonar, who will give you this ring as a sign of his thanks.