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Skyrim:Shield of Solitude

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Leveled Item: Shield of Solitude (0010eb65)
(All statistics are for level 40+ version)
Type Heavy Shield
Editor ID MS06ShieldL40
Armor Rating Rating 32
Armor Rating Rating 32 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 12 Value Value 1540
Quality Tempering Not Possible
Quality Tempering Not Possible Perk
Increases Magic Resistance by 30%:
Shield of Solitude

The Shield of Solitude is a shield given to you by Falk Firebeard for saving Skyrim from the return of the Wolf Queen in The Wolf Queen Awakened. It is identical in appearance to a Solitude Guard's Shield. Its enchantment grants a Resist Magic and Fortify Blocking effect, which reduces the damage taken from offensive spells and reduces the damage taken if you successfully block an attack.

Related QuestsEdit


  • This item can be disenchanted for a more powerful version of "Resist Magic" which tops at 25% (with enchant skill at 100) and can be stacked with the base Resist Magic enchantment of 20% using the Extra Effect to create a single item with 45% Resist Magic.
  • This item cannot be tempered.

Leveled StatisticsEdit

Note that the required level for the associated quest is player-level 10, so the "Level" column actually starts at 10 ('10-17', not '1-17'), making each leveled 'tier' 7 or 8 levels.

Level       Enchantment Object ID Editor ID
1-17 12 555 26 Increases Magic Resistance by 10%: 0009e023 MS06ShieldL12
18-24 12 791 27 Increases Magic Resistance by 15%: 0010eb62 MS06ShieldL18
25-31 12 1036 28 Increases Magic Resistance by 20%: 0010eb64 MS06ShieldL25
32-39 12 1036 30 Increases Magic Resistance by 20%: 0010eb63 MS06ShieldL32
40+ 12 1540 32 Increases Magic Resistance by 30%: 0010eb65 MS06ShieldL40

The level 32-39 version has the same stats as level 25-31, instead of the 5 points higher that are expected.