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Skyrim:Request for Help!

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Book Information
Request for Help!
ID 000F689C
Value 0 Weight 0
Related to Waking Nightmare
Found in the following locations:
Request for Help!

Lady Mjoll,

I hope this letter finds safe passage to your hands. We are in desperate need of help and we have nowhere else to turn. Everyone in Dawnstar is having nightmares. These horrible visions plague our slumber and leave us feeling frightened and tired even after a full night's sleep. I myself have awoken from one of the dreams bathed in cold sweat after having one of these nightmares. The things that I saw were simply too appalling to describe. There's a priest of Mara that claims he might be able to help us, but so far, he simply sits within the Windpeak Inn scribbling notes. If you could find it in your heart to make the journey to our city and help us, I would forever be in your debt.