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Skyrim:Pelagius' Flame Thrall

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Pelagius' Flame Thrall (RefID: 0009B2A3)
Location The Mind of a Madman
Species Atronach Soul
Level 15 Type Daedra
RefID 0009B2A3 BaseID 0009B2AD
Other Information
Health 5229 Magicka 100
Stamina 106
Primary Skills One-handed, Two-handed, Block, Light Armor
Protected Yes
Faction(s) Dog Faction
Pelagius' Flame Thrall

Pelagius' Flame Thrall is a nigh-invincible flame atronach that can be found in The Mind of Pelagius during the Mind of Madness quest, specifically during the "Pelagius' Paranoia" section. During this quest, two atronachs will be fighting arena style in a sunken box. Using the Wabbajack on the one assigned to you will cause it to change elements, possibly becoming this thrall.

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