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Lost Paladin
(RefID: FExxx00E)
Added by Chrysamere
Location Forelhost
Race Nord Gender Male
Level Radiant (6-28) Class Bandit
RefID FExxx00E BaseID FExxx807
Other Information
Health 155-497
Magicka 25-40
Stamina 95-258
Primary Skills One-handed, Two-handed, Block, Light Armor
Morality No Crime Aggression Very Aggressive
Voice Type MaleNordCommander
Faction(s) dunForelhostGhostFaction
The Lost Paladin

The Lost Paladin is a Nord ghost who is encountered at Forelhost during the quest The Lost Paladin. The quest requires you to kill him and take Chrysamere from his remains.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Though he wears ancient Nord armor and is labeled as belonging to the same faction as the Dragon Cultists of Forelhost, the quest stages in the The Lost Paladin quest indicates that he is the most recent wielder of Chrysamere.


  • The Paladin does not have protected status. He may be killed early, and not by you, if a Dragon (especially a higher-level dragon such as Ancient) attacks you outside Forelhost and then switches targets. Presumably you have to hurry to the battlements and loot his ghostly remains before the area resets. ?