Skyrim:Lord Tusk

Skyrim: Creatures: Animals
Lord Tusk (RefID: xx0264B4)
Location Horker Island
Species Horker Soul Common
Level 25 Type Animals
RefID xx0264B4 BaseID xx026196
Horker Meat, Horker Tusks, Skull
Other Information
Health 445 Magicka -25
Stamina 275
Faction(s) Creature Faction; HorkerFaction; HunterPreyFaction; PreyFaction
Lord Tusk on Horker Island

Lord Tusk is a unique horker found at Horker Island. His noticeable traits, which differentiate him from other horkers, are his increased size and health. By moving past Lord Tusk, one can find the unique mace, Horksbane, which deals extra damage to horkers.

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