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Skyrim:Linelle's Note

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Book Information
Linelle's Note
Added by Alternative Armors - Dragon Plate
ID FExxx864
Value 10 Weight 1
Needed for Bones for a Crow
Found in the following locations:
Linelle's Note
A note revealing Crowstooth's destination

At Arcwind Point, the bones of the dead rattle in their stone cages. But the old magic is strong in those mountains, and with the help of the cat who is a rat - a priest of Namira no less - the crow will set them free.

With his help, an army of bones will dance to her caw, be they warriors, shadows, or beasts. Yet the cauldron shows the bones of two others - dragons in mortal flesh, who seek to challenge her inside towers of frost and stone.

It will be up to the crow to pick both their bones clean.