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Skyrim:Letter from a Friend

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Book Information
Letter from a Friend
ID 00023EE5
Value 0 Weight 0
Needed for Shout - learn about word wall
Map Markers
Adds the following map markers:
Found in the following locations:
Full values for <Alias=Location> and <Alias=Dungeon> are located on the quest page.
Letter from a Friend
by "A Friend"
An anonymous note revealing the location of a word wall

You caused a bit of stir in <Alias=Location> when you demonstrated the power of your Thu'um. Not everyone is anxious for the return of the Dragonborn.
I for one desire to see you grow and develop your talents. Skyrim needs a true hero these days.
You should turn your attention to <Alias=Dungeon>. I understand it holds a mysterious source of power that can only be unlocked by the Dragonborn.
A Friend