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Added by Staff of Hasedoki
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Ivara's Notes
Journal of a necromancer hoping to gain power from the Ideal Masters

The journey from Olenveld was long but worth the trip. We'll have a far easier time finding what we need to open the portal to the Soul Cairn.

The pass is remote and yet there are no shortage of travelers looking for a shortcut across the mountains. As such, we'll have plenty of blood and bonemeal at our disposal, but we'll need void salts and soul gem fragments to complete the ritual.

Lushak suggested we contact the local smugglers for help with the latter. She'd been in contact with one about the Staff of Hasedoki. If the wizard truly bonded his soul to the stave as the legends suggest, releasing him might provide a worthy offering to the Ideal Masters.

In any case, adding the ingredients to the list should be an easy task.