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Skyrim:Isabelle's Letter

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Book Information
Isabelle's Letter
ID 00064EB2
Value 10 Weight 0
Related to Drowned Sorrows
Found in the following locations:
Isabelle's Letter

My dearest Ranmir,

By the time you receive this, I will be gone. I know that it's wrong to mislead you, but I didn't want you to prevent me from going.

I know it's been hard on you, on both of us, struggling to survive. I hate to see the look in your eyes every time you think about how little the two of us have, and I know you're too proud to ever say anything. So I'm going to make it all better.

I've talked to my friend Vex, and she's given me some advice. I know how to get something that will allow us to live happily, without ever worrying about money ever again.

I love you so much, Ranmir. You mean the world to me, and I only want to see you happy.

Worry not. I'll be home soon.