Lore:Hrothmund the Red

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Chieftain Hrothmund the Red
BM-item-Hrothmund's Axe.jpg
Chieftain Hrothmund the Red wielded this axe in battle
Race Nord Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Died 3E 347
Reign 3E 326-
3E 347
Previous Ruler None
Next Ruler Isgeror White-Wave
Resided in Solstheim

Hrothmund the Red was a renowned Nord chieftain who lived in the early third century of the Third Era, though some claim he actually lived in the late Second Era.[1] He was among those who left Skaal Village to found the Thirsk Mead Hall in Solstheim. After the founding, when the need for a leader became clear, he seemed the natural choice, but had to prove himself in a duel when he was challenged for the position. After using his axe to chop off his opponent's head, he displayed it on a pedestal in the Mead Hall, starting the tradition that survives in Thirsk to this day: the person who displays the greatest trophy on the pedestal in the Mead Hall would become the chieftain. Hrothmund's rule lasted 21 years, the second longest reign in Thirsk's known history by a year (and these long reigns are the exceptions; one chieftain survived for a mere three weeks).[2] He was ultimately killed and eaten by Ondjage, the Fell Wolf, and whatever remained was buried in Hrothmund's Barrow, along with his axe and the Amulet of Infectious Charm.[2][3]


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