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Skyrim:Horse Armor - Elven

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Horse Armor - Elven
Released November 11, 2021
Size 15.2 MB (PC) / (?) (Xbox One) / (?) (PS4)
Filename ccbgssse011-hrsarmrelvn.esl
PC Available from Creation Club for 250 CC Credits
Other Also available on Xbox One and PS4
Patch Special Edition Version 1.6
Horse Armor

Horse Armor - Elven is a Creation that adds horse armor to Skyrim. It is available for free.

Official SummaryEdit

Tamriel is a dangerous place. Protect your horse from danger with this beautiful handcrafted armor. (Obtained via hostler at any stable.)



  • This Creation, combined with Horse Armor - Steel, recreate the infamous Horse Armor Pack from Oblivion.
  • Equipping a horse with Horse Armor will give it a temporary health boost of 1000.
  • The Horse Armor cannot be worn by the Reindeer or the Dwarven Horse.
  • Horse Armor is removed if the saddle is changed via stable master.. Once removed it will be placed in the miscellaneous category in your inventory. It has a significant weight amount so storing it may be a good idea. It needs to be in your inventory to place it back onto the horse otherwise it'll cost 500 Gold again.
  • Elven Horse Armor weighs 25 in carry weight while the Steel Horse Armor weighs 35 in carry weight
  • If the armor is removed and you want it on again it'll cost 50 gold as long as it's in the inventory