Skyrim:Headman's Cleaver (item)

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Artifact: Headman's Cleaver (FExxx803)
Type Two-handed Battleaxe
Added by Headman's Cleaver
Editor ID ccBGSSSE068_BloodfallBlade
Damage Damage 25
Damage Damage 25 {{{health}}}
Speed 0.600
Speed 0.600 Reach 1.35
Weight Weight 24 Value Value 2900
Tempering Orichalcum Ingot
Tempering Orichalcum Ingot Perk Orcish Smithing
Charge/Cost = Uses 2000/NA=NA
Headman's Cleaver

Headman's Cleaver is a battleaxe artifact. It is acquired through the Blood in the Water quest. Tempering Headman's Cleaver requires an Orichalcum Ingot. It cannot be enchanted.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Headman's Cleaver has previously appeared in Blades.


  • An enchantment for this weapon exists in the data, but was cut early in development. The enchantment deals 20 points of stamina damage, and 2 points of bleeding damage for 5 seconds. The weapon is also set to disallow enchanting, and 2000 enchantment charges are set.
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