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This article is about the Stormcloak soldier in Helgen. For the carriage driver added by Hearthfire, see Gunjar (Hearthfire).

(RefID: 000B1694)
Location Helgen Keep
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC×1.5 (range=3-20) Class Guard
RefID 000B1694 BaseID 0009B0AD
Other Information
Health 0 (Dead)
Magicka 32-89
Class Details GuardSonsSkyrim
Faction(s) CWDialogueSoldierFaction; CWSonsFactionNPC; Faction for CW soldiers; GuardFaction; Sons of Skyrim; Stormcloaks

Gunjar was a Stormcloak soldier and a friend of Ralof. He was to be executed by the Imperial Legion in Helgen but escaped when Alduin attacked. Once you enter Helgen Keep, you will find him dead and can take his equipment. He wears a Stormcloak cuirass and a pair of fur boots, and carries an iron war axe.

If you enter the keep with Ralof, he will run towards Gunjar and, after realizing that he is dead, tell him, "We'll meet again in Sovngarde, brother." He will then address you: "There you go. You may as well take Gunjar's gear. He won't be needing it any more."

If you enter with Hadvar, you will still encounter Gunjar's body shortly after entering the keep, but Hadvar will not teach you that you can take his things.

After this, Gunjar is never encountered or mentioned again.

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  • Gunjar cannot be reanimated.