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Skyrim:Fire Storm

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SR-icon-spell-Fire.png Fire Storm
School Destruction Difficulty Master
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Both Hands
Spell ID 0007a82b Editor ID FireStorm
Base Cost 1426 Charge Time 3.0
Duration 7 secs Range 0
Magnitude 100 Area 100 ft
Tome ID 000a270c Tome Value 1290
A 100 point fiery explosion centered on the caster. Does more damage to closer targets.

Fire Storm is a master level Destruction spell that deals massive fire damage to all targets within 100 feet of the caster.



  • Augmented Flames, raises damage by 25% at first rank or 50% at second rank. The damage values are compounded the closer your targets are, so the damage break down is as follows:
Distance default Rank 1 Rank 2
≤ 25 ft 225 281 337
≤ 65 ft 175 218 262
≤ 100 ft 100 125 150


  • This is by far the most expensive spell to cast in terms of magicka, limiting its practical uses. However, if you can obtain 100% Fortify Destruction, this downside will be eliminated.
  • Firestorm also hits airborne targets, such as Dragons, though they have to be hovering within 100 feet (the furthest the spell can reach) in order to have any effect.
  • This spell will hit everything around you, including allies, so you should only use it if you're traveling alone or with followers who are marked essential.
  • If you have Dragonborn installed, you can embark on the quest The Winds of Change; one of the three rewards is the ability to not damage your follower while in combat (though your follower can still die by other means, such as stray arrows or explosions caused by other enemies while in bleedout), making the Fire Storm 100% follower-friendly. [verification needed — see talk page]