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Skyrim:Eydvina Shield-Hearth

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Eydvina Shield-Hearth
(RefID: FExxxC88)
Added by Hendraheim
Location Hendraheim
Race Nord Gender Female
Level PC×1 (range=6-60) Class Warrior
RefID FExxxC88 BaseID FExxxC55
Other Information
Health 250+(PC-1)×11.7
Magicka 50
Stamina 150+(PC-1)×3.3
Class Details CombatWarrior1H
Eydvina Shield-Hearth
Eydvina armored up

Eydvina Shield-Hearth is a Nord warrior who owns the ancient hall of Hendraheim. She sends you a warrior's challenge for ownership of the house, seeking an honorable death due to actions she took during the Civil War. She can be found sweeping at the stables of the home.

When you speak to her, no matter what option is chosen she will walk over to a nearby tree and pick up a Nordic Sword of Scorching, Scaled Horn Helmet, and Hide Shield and engage combat. She always carries an Iron Sword, lockpick, ring of major stamina, belted tunic, ale, Eydvina's Note and wears Scaled Horn Armor, Boots, and Bracers.

During combat, she uses her Nordic Sword and Hide Shield to fight. You can attack her before she picks up the equipment, leaving her to fight with less armor and a weaker iron sword. Provoking her before speaking to her (such as pickpocketing, stealing, or assaulting her) will cause her to enter combat and fail one of the quest stages. However, no matter what option is taken she will always drop the Key to Hendraheim upon death which will allow you to gain ownership of the house and complete the quest.

She will despawn as soon as you enter the house, so be sure to loot anything you think you need from her before going inside.

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When you first see her, she will comment with generic dialogue. When you speak to her:

I received your letter.
"I understand."
I've come to accept your challenge.
"I understand."
Are you the fool who challenged me?
"That is so."

When entering combat:

"Fight, or die well."


  • Her pathfinding after ending dialogue may first cause her to walk to the shovel at the stables before picking up her helmet. ?
  • If she ragdolls, there is a chance her body will become unlootable and cannot even be targeted by spells such as Reanimate Corpse, leaving the key unobtainable. ?
  • If the player steals her shield, sword and/or helmet before she can pick them up, there's a chance she will hire a group of thugs to go after the player even after her death. ?