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Added by Saints & Seducers
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level PCĂ—1 (range=6-35) Class Bandit Wizard
RefID xx001004 BaseID xx000CBF
Other Information
Primary Skills Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, Sneak
Perks Augmented Flames; Augmented Frost; Augmented Shock;Regeneration
Morality Any Crime Aggression Very Aggressive
Faction(s) BanditFaction; Skeleton Faction

Everthra is an arcane blacksmith who researched how to make the arms and armaments from Amber and Madness Ore, and has gone insane as a result. She is a part of the Saints & Seducers creation, and killing her will yield you the necessary journal that will grant you the ability to craft Amber and Madness weapons and armor.

She wears the unique Arcane Blacksmith's Apron with a pair of shoes, and carries an Iron Dagger as well as minor loot. She knows the Firebolt, Ice Spike, or Lightning Bolt spell, as well as Stoneflesh, Steadfast Ward, and Fast Healing.

Related QuestsEdit

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