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Skyrim:Dukaan (creature)

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Dukaan (RefID: xx02A8CE)
Location White Ridge Barrow
Species Dragon Priest Soul Grand
Level 60 Type Undead
RefID xx02A8CE BaseID xx0248E1
Other Information
Health 2000 Magicka 595
Stamina 0
Primary Skills Alteration, Restoration, Conjuration, Destruction, Sneak
Perks Magic Resistance, Augmented Frost, Atromancy, Regeneration, Respite, Ward Absorb, Recovery, Stability, Mage Armor, Twin Souls
Faction(s) allied apocrypha creatures; Dragon Priest Faction
Bone Meal, Gold
Dukaan attacking

Dukaan is a dragon priest entombed within White Ridge Sanctum in Solstheim. He carries an eponymous mask.

He is a frost-based dragon priest, able to cast Frost Cloak and a unique spell called Frost Stream, which is similar to the Frost Breath shout. He also uses the spells Ebonyflesh, Greater Ward, and a unique version of the new spell Conjure Seeker, which specifically summons a high seeker.