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Unique Item: Dismal Visage (FExxx867)
Type Heavy Helmet
Added by Alternative Armors - Dragon Plate
Editor ID ccBGSSSE059_ArmorFAlmerHelmet
Rating Rating 12
Rating Rating 12 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 5 Value Value 2587
Tempering N/A
Tempering N/A Perk
Conjuration spells cost 25% less to cast. Alteration spells cost 25% less to cast.

The Dismal Visage is a unique heavy armor added by Alternative Armors - Dragon Plate. It can be obtained from Alvasorr the Rat. The helmet has the same appearance as the falmer helmet, but has a higher armor rating. Improving it is not possible.

Related QuestsEdit


  • The Dismal Visage can be disenchanted.


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