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Artifact: Dawnfang (FExxxD63)
(lore page)
Type One-handed Sword
Added by Dawnfang & Duskfang
Editor ID ccBGSSSE013_Dawnfang
Damage Damage 14
Damage Damage 14 {{{health}}}
Speed 1.000
Speed 1.000 Reach 1
Weight Weight 16 Value Value 1250
Tempering Ebony Ingot
Tempering Ebony Ingot Perk Daedric Smithing
In daytime, deals 7 points of fire damage. At night, deals 7 points of frost damage. After killing 12 creatures, absorbs 5 points of health or magicka. X creatures killed.
Charge/Cost = Uses NA/NA=Infinite
An inactive Dawnfang/Duskfang

Dawnfang and Duskfang is an Akaviri artifact created by the Tsaesci. During the day, it is Dawnfang and deals fire damage, at night it transforms to Duskfang and deals frost damage. It is acquired through the A Soul Divided quest, which has you claim the weapon from the Guardian Vault in Riften's Ratways. Tempering Dawnfang/Duskfang requires an Ebony Ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

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