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Seek out a cursed Tsaesci blade in the Ratway.
Quest Giver: Automatically added after purchasing the Dawnfang & Duskfang Creation
Location(s): The Ratway, The Guardian Vault
Reward: Dawnfang and Duskfang
ID: ccBGSSSE013_AquisitionQuest
Added by: Dawnfang & Duskfang
Beneath the city of Riften lies a dark secret...

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the Ratway and follow the Ghostly Apparition.
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Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Quest StagesEdit

A Soul Divided (ccBGSSSE013_AquisitionQuest)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 I've heard rumors about a ghostly apparition that has been haunting the Ratway in Riften. I should head there and see if I can learn more.
Objective 5: Investigate rumors of ghosts in the Riften Ratway
10 I've heard rumors about a ghostly apparition that has been haunting the Ratway in Riften. I should investigate the area and see if I can learn more.
Objective 10: Find the ghost in the Ratway
17 I found the ghostly woman, but as I drew near to her, she approached a nearby sewer entrance and vanished before my eyes. I should follow her and see where the sewer entrance leads.
Objective 17: Follow the ghost
20 Having followed the apparition, I have found myself inside an abandoned vault. A mysterious sword floats suspended in a magical field at the heart of the vault. Judging by the condition of this place, it looks as if it has lain undisturbed for a very long time. Perhaps if I proceed forward, I may find some answers and a way to unlock the sword.
Objective 18: Investigate the vault
Objective 25: Defeat the Guardian
50 I have battled a strange warrior in the depths of this vault, but he vanished before I could strike my killing blow. However, when he vanished, there was a great burst of magic energy and the ground shook beneath me. I should head back to the sword chamber where perhaps I may encounter him again.
Objective 24: Investigate the north chamber
55 Upon returning to the sword chamber, I found the shield surrounding the sword had altered its magical appearance and its hold upon the blade. Could it be that the shield is influenced by defeating the Guardian? As another chamber door has opened, I should proceed into this new area and see if this theory holds any truth.
Objective 25: Defeat the Guardian
70 I have encountered the Guardian once more, only this time he was empowered with dark magic. Once again, upon nearing defeat, he vanished and the vault reacted to this magic. I should return to the sword chamber to see if more of this vault has now become accessible.
Objective 60: Investigate the east chamber
75 Once again, my encounter with the Guardian has affected the shield that surrounds the sword. I should search the newly opened area where I may encounter the Guardian once more.
Objective 25: Defeat the Guardian
110 I have vanquished the Guardian. I should return to the sword chamber to see if his defeat has affected the shield.
Objective 70: Return to the sword chamber
130 Upon returning to the sword chamber, I witnessed what appeared to be a reconciliation between the Guardian and the woman, for I saw their spirits embrace and fade away. Perhaps in defeating him, I have actually freed his spirit from his binds to the sword and this vault. Now he is free and so too is the sword.
Objective 80: Retrieve the sword
200 ☑Finishes quest
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